A Model School
Rotary Club International gave us the opportunity to run a full-time regular school ...

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Learn more about the 7 different programs across different levels organized by us.

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Key Partners

Program Sponsors and Funding Partners

Corporate Partners

Individual Partners

1. Mrs & Mr. Paul Pandian   21. Mr.Ravisankar Thenkarai
2. Mrs & Mr.Sri Sridharan   22. Mr.Saravana Prakash P
3. Mrs & Mr. Viswa Santhanam   23. Mr.Senthil Kumar B
4. Mrs & MrS.Damodharan   24. Mr.Senthilkumar J
5. Mrs & Mr. Balasubramanian   25. Mr.A Rajarathinam
6.Mrs & Mr. R.Srinivasan   26. Mr.Srinivasan Kambarajan
7. Dr.Renita Rajan Skin Hair Clinic   27. Mr.Srinivasan K
8. Dr.Subhadra Muthukumaran   28. Mr.Srinivasan T
9. Mr.Anantha Subramanian, Vedha Mani Trust   29. Mr.Suresh Patnam
10. Ms.Aruna Narayanan   30. Mr.T C Govindan
11. Ms.Chandra Viswanathan   31. Mr.Thirumalai.K
12. Mr.Krishnan Sankaran   32. Mr.Vageesh Kaingaryam
13. Mr.Murali. P.N   33. Ms.Vidya Viswanathan
14. Ms.Padmini Vaidyanathan   34. Ms.Viji Srinivasan
15. Ms.Pillairkulam Parthasarathy   35. Mr.Vivek Dhayalan
16.Mr.Ramaswamy V    
17. Ms.Puja Saravana Prakash    
18. Mr.Ramesh Viswanathan    
19. Mr.Rangaprasad N    
20. Mr.Rangarajan Gopal    
Our Vision
Vidyarambam is dedicated to providing enjoyable quality education to all the less-privileged and under-achieving children at pre-primary, primary and secondary levels, encouraging them to successfully continue their education.
Our Goal
In the coming years, Vidyarambam plans to i) increase its presence from 8 to 14 districts in Tamilnadu; ii) expand to provide Easy Learning English (ELE) to government secondary schools in the city; and iii) replicate the success of its model school in one other district
The Trust
Registered as a Not for profit Organization. Donors enjoy 100% tax exemption under section 35 AC and 50% exemption under section 80 G of the Income Tax act.
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